Note we will open our room 15 minutes earlier before the time.

Download the FREE client software from We start 9am central time, 10am eastern US time and 2pm UK time.

After you install this it offers you a FREE ID and you can decide on both your ID and password.

Once you have successfully logged in, note you need a microphone attached to your computer to talk or take part in the discussions otherwise you can only listen and type texts but cannot speak.

Here is how you find our room

Step 1 - Login to Paltalk and you should see the screen below in similar style.


Look for the room under Religion and Spirituality and the title of the room is Empower Yourself with Torah and Yahushuah


Step 2 - In order to join our room it must be open for you to find it. If the room is not open you will not find it until we open it. Here is how you find it.  Click on the Actions Menu top left Next to the File Menu then Select...Join a chat room.


Step 3 - click on join a chat room.


Step 4 - Select Religion And Spirituality-then Judaism... on the right hand pane if our room is open then you will see the name as listed above.

At this point you will see yourself in the room.

You can freely type text in or raise your hands and click the Push to Talk button bottom right.

If you do not see the room while we are open there is another way to search for it.

You can just type Torah in the top left hand text box after you have clicked Join a chat room then just type in Torah. This brings in all rooms with the words "Torah" in there. You can select and double click the room to join.

See you there.

Shalom Shalom